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  • Redefining HERstory™ is more than a movement...it's also a race related anti-violence media literacy program geared towards college aged students.

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About Truth in Reality

Truth In Reality is a non-profit social advocacy organization pioneering a movement to change the imbalanced media depictions of women of color, especially on violent reality television. Through education, research, public awareness campaigns, social media engagement, strategic partnerships, and public commentary we aim to change society's acceptance of gender-based violence and ultimately reduce its incidence in the Black community. 

We are not anti-reality shows. We're against the unilaterally negative and stereotypical portrayal of Black women in all forms of media. 

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  • Featured Blog Post

    Essence Speaks to Founder Sil Lai Abrams About How the Chaotic Couples We See on TV Impact Our Own Relationships and Communities



    From Essence, 8/29/2016:

    Breakups. Divorces. Makeups. We've seen our share of relationship drama on popular reality TV shows over the past few years. But spending hours looking at couples in crisis and Black women arguing can affect our own love lives. Research indicates that watching programs with relational aggression—described as manipulation, exclusion and bullying—can influence us to be more aggressive in everyday life. The nonprofit organization Truth in Reality is committed to changing the negative images of Black women in media. Founder Sil Lai Abrams talks about the effects of what we consume, and how to end the cycle.

    Read the full story here.

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    Support the Rededefining HERstory™ Documentary on Crowdrise

    The Redefining HERstory™ Documentary crowdfunding campaign is LIVE on Crowdrise at http://bit.ly/Support-RedefiningHERstory. Women of color are routinely dehumanized through media depictions often rooted in historical racial stereotypes. Redefining HERstory™ is a groundbreaking feature-length documentary that aims to re-affirm the power and redefine the dominant media narrative of one of the world’s most exploited demographics: Black and Afro-Latina women and girls. We envision our film will expose the truth about the origin and damage of these images, explore the diversity and beauty of black womanhood, encourage adults and young people to make informed, thoughtful decisions about the media they consume, and spark a national dialogue on the need to diversify the existing images of black and Afro-Latina women across all media platforms.

    Redefining HERstory is more than a film…it’s a movement.


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    Thank You to Our Crowdrise Campaign Donors

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