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A Signature Truth In Reality Event

*UPDATE* On October 20, 2016, Truth In Reality will host #99Seconds in ten cities across the US. For more information about this special initiative, click here. *UPDATE*

#99Seconds is an event that honors the experiences of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Its name originates from the sobering statistic that in the United States a woman is sexually assaulted every 90 seconds and battered every 9 seconds. By combining these two statistics Truth In Reality is promoting the little known fact that in the U.S. a woman is a victim of gender-based violence one to eleven times every 99 seconds.

#99Seconds aims to break the silence on gender-based violence and to directly tie in how domestic violence and sexual violence are normalized through modern entertainment. #99Seconds gives survivors a space to publicly reframe their experience, moving from victim to survivor and using the event as an opportunity for them to begin Redefining HERstory for themselves. (Please note that male survivors are open to participate and share their stories as well.) 

#99Seconds is a turnkey event.  The following event materials are provided to hosts by Truth In Reality: video clip, promotional flyer, promotional artwork, run of show, social media guidelines and suggested posts.  For additional information on #99Seconds please contact us at info@truthinreality.org.

Click here to download a comprehensive overview of the #99Seconds event series. 

Click here to download a testimonial for #99Seconds.

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