Twitter Campaign #NoLove for #LHHReunion Kicked Off by Truth In Reality and Naturals4Change



Truth In Reality and Naturals4Change kicked off their inaugural joint digital activism initiative #NoLove for #LHHReunion on Monday, August 31st during the second episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Reunion Show. The aim was to join the larger conversation surrounding the show by its viewers and insert commentary on the effects that the violent images shown on certain types of reality shows have on young people’s perceptions on love and relationships.

Hosted by Sil Lai Abrams, Founder and CEO of Truth In Reality, the tweet chat featured guest co-host Imani Dawson, Founder and President of Tribe Called Curl Media, a founding member of Naturals4Change. Truth In Reality kicked off the digital dialogue by creating a fifteen second PSA about the correlation between the violence on certain reality shows featuring women of color and the disproportionately high rates of teen dating violence with Black high school girls that was posted on social media in advance of the chat.

The #NoLove for #LHHReunion tweet chat topic was “Are Violent Reality Shows Increasing the Acceptance of Teen Dating Abuse?” however, the conversation quickly evolved to include commentary on how violent shows not only influence teen behavior in romantic relationships, but also how they handle conflict resolution. Participants in the tweet chat also examined how these harmful media depictions influence the perceptions of Black women in society and how they are treated in their everyday lives. Parental responsibility was also discussed and how parental supervision, or the lack thereof, is important in understanding how children and young adults can struggle to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors.

Check out some of the amazing dialogue below:










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