Essence Speaks to Founder Sil Lai Abrams About How the Chaotic Couples We See on TV Impact Our Own Relationships and Communities

  From Essence, 8/29/2016: Breakups. Divorces. Makeups. We've seen our share of relationship drama on popular reality TV shows over the past few years. But spending hours looking at couples in crisis and Black women arguing can affect our own love lives. Research indicates that watching programs with relational aggression—described as manipulation, exclusion and bullying—can influence us to be more aggressive in everyday life. The nonprofit organization Truth in Reality is committed to changing the negative images of Black women in media. Founder Sil Lai Abrams talks about the effects of what we consume, and how to end the cycle. Read the full story here.

Cayenne's Chuck Baker Joins Truth In Reality's Board of Directors

Truth In Reality is honored to announce that Chuck Baker, CEO and founder of Cayenne, a privacy-friendly social network and DIY app builder for creators, has joined our Board of Directors. Chuck got his start with international giant Procter & Gamble before shifting to an executive role as Managing Director for Uniworld Advertising  (a WPP company) with a focus on user interface design and 360-degree ad campaigns. Chuck then served as owner/CEO of Run Group Digital, working with clients like Budweiser, AT&T and Lugz while honing valuable entrepreneurial skills.  He also spent five years as a music producer for artists like Mya, Dru Hill, and Myron – amassing 4 million albums sold. Chuck mentors weekly at Oakland Tech High School, serves as committee chairman of fund development the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area and is a board member of Eastern Horizons, a non-profit for at-risk youth located in Marin, CA.

Thank you for supporting the Redefining HERstory documentary crowd funding campaign ( ain’t over yet!)

Good morning! Truth In Reality closed out it's ONLINE campaign of our Redefining HERstory documentary crowd funding with 234 donations totalling $32,570 - 65% of our total goal of $50K for the project. The great news about Crowdrise is that your fundraising page stays open for as long as you want. So what does that mean? Well for one, you can still make a donation by using our link! Now, we can all do the math and realize that in spite of our phenomenal raise, we’re still $17,430 short of our total. To that end, Truth In Reality will be hosted by two different organizations for two live events during April so we can reach our $50,000 goal. Yep, the fundraising ain't over! Essentially, everyone who invested in the Redefining HERstory film has given us a running start to make the big leap & finish strong(er)! You'll be receiving invites to dynamic events that will spread the mission of the film & help us close that funding gap.   Continue reading

Her Agenda Speaks to Founder Sil Lai Abrams about How You Can Help Redefine Media Stereotypes of Black Women

  From Her Agenda, 3/30/2016: Some of the highest rated reality shows include Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” and VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” and according to activist and writer Sil Lai Abrams, that is a problem. Abrams is working to change the perception of women of color in society with a forthcoming documentary titled Redefining HERstory. Her personal hardships as a teenager and as a victim of assault that led her to self-publish her bookNo More Drama. In her book, she discusses her inspirational story on how she overcame obstacles and came up with Self Empowerment Principles in Action (SEPIA). Abrams is also the founder ofTruthInReality, a media advocacy organization aiming to change the media depictions of women of color, with emphasis in changing the violent stereotypes. She believes that storylines seen in realitytelevision can cast a negative view on how women of color should be treated. Read the full story here.

Huffington Post Black Voices: Not Your Acceptable Black Woman

Truth In Reality Founder Sil Lai Abrams and Content Creator Morgan Grain weigh in on HuffPost Black Voices, 3/30/16: "The idea that we as Black people are constantly reimagining ourselves within a society historically devoid of our existence reoccurs thematically throughout most artistic, entertainment, and most recently, digital media [re] presentations of blackness. In response to the continuous bombardment of what have historically been largely stereotypical depictions of our existence, much of the pushback on these mis-representations were rooted in the politics of respectability. Through early visual imagery of the Black body, activists and photographers attempted to prove humanity through the lens of acceptability." Read the full article here.

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