Founder Sil Lai Abrams to Present at 45th Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus on Thurs 9-17-15


Please join Community Healing Network (CHN) and The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) in developing a unified response that goes to the heart of the challenges people of African descent face as a people. This year they are launching an urgent and ground-breaking international conversation at the 45th Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus to devise plans to overturn the lies of White superiority and Black inferiority: the root causes of the devaluing of Black lives and the countless injustices against people of African ancestry around the world.

Truth In Reality is proud to announce that Founder Sil Lai Abrams will be a featured presenter at this year’s Summit:  Valuing Black Lives: The Global Emotional Emancipation Summita forum where Black people of diverse nationalities, backgrounds, and experiences will collectively explore the many dimensions of these lies. The Summit will examine how the lies manifest themselves no matter where we find ourselves in the world and how they are implicated in nearly all the problems confronting Black communities. Most importantly, the Summit will discuss why they must be taken into account in developing strategies aimed at addressing problems confronting Black people wherever we may be. 

This Summit is hosted by Ranking Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Africa Subcommittee, the Honorable Karen Bass (D. Calif.) and is free and open to all Black people interested in improving conditions for men, women, and children of African ancestry around the world--to share your knowledge and join us in co-creating strategies to reclaim our humanity and dignity, and take control of our destiny.  To register visit this link:

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