How I Am #RedefiningHERstory: Setting an Example For My Children



Joyce Kyles, Executive Director at Walking Into A New Life

Seven years ago, I realized that I was in an abusive marriage. I was a mother of three children and although I wasn't being physically abused, I was enduring it financially, verbally and emotionally, among others. I was holistically broken. I had no family in the area and was too ashamed and embarrassed to let anyone know how bad things were for me and my children.

I knew I had to make a change the day that I realized I wouldn't be able to make a payment to keep my home from going into foreclosure. Because I didn't have any family in the area, I wasn't sure where my children and I would live. He had told me before that he wasn't going to change and for me to figure out what to do because I always had. I thought about that a lot. I realized that I hadn't been happy in a long time and neither were my children. I thought about the unhealthy examples I was giving them regarding parenting, relationships and self worth. Without a definite plan of where we would live, or how, I left the marriage for good.

Today I am a local and national speaker, trainer, and presenter to women and teens. In 2014, I started a nonprofit called Walking Into A New Life, Inc. to help others transition from victim to victorious. In addition to hosting community wide events, we also seek to draw attention to the male perspective on domestic violence with our "Men Against DV" initiatives. My radio show Boots on the Ground also allow others who work in this field to share what they do. To top it all off, I just wrote my first book Restoring the Whole in My Soul. Redefining myself has allowed me to be a more focused parent and to provide a better example of self love to my children.


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