HuffPost Black Voices: Not Your Acceptable Black Woman

Truth In Reality Founder Sil Lai Abrams and Content Creator Morgan Grain weigh in on HuffPost Black Voices, 3/30/16: "The idea that we as Black people are constantly reimagining ourselves within a society historically devoid of our existence reoccurs thematically throughout most artistic, entertainment, and most recently, digital media [re] presentations of blackness. In response to the continuous bombardment of what have historically been largely stereotypical depictions of our existence, much of the pushback on these mis-representations were rooted in the politics of respectability. Through early visual imagery of the Black body, activists and photographers attempted to prove humanity through the lens of acceptability." Read the full article here.

Huffington Post Speaks to Founder Sil Lai Abrams about Crowdrise Campaign

From Huffington Post, 3/2/2016: "According to activist Sil Lai Abrams, the way black women are portrayed on reality shows has an adverse effect on how society treats black women. Continue reading

Redefining HERstory™ Documentary Campaign Among Indiewire's February 2016 Crowdfunding Picks

  From Indiewire, 2/18/2016: "This week’s crowdfunding picks are tied together by a strong sense of place, conjuring images of faraway landscapes or fleshing out the complexities of America’s marginalized communities. "Redefining HERstory" is a documentary that challenges Hollywood’s depictions of Black and Afro-Latina women. For the filmmakers, this is not just important for creating a more inclusive entertainment landscape, but because the depiction of women in film has a direct impact on how young Black and Afro-Latina women see themselves, and how men in those communities treat them. The film posits that changing Hollywood essentially equates to changing -- and saving -- lives. Continue reading