Truth in Reality founder Sil Lai Abrams to deliver Keynote Address at the NAACP Membership Luncheon


Released at: July 15, 2013

Contact: Shiran Lugashi

Truth in Reality founder Sil Lai Abrams to deliver Keynote Address at the NAACP Membership Luncheon


July 15, 2013

ORLANDO, Florida—Sil Lai Abrams, anti-domestic violence activist and founder of the media advocacy organization Truth in Reality, will deliver the keynote address at the NAACP National Membership Luncheon tomorrow, July 16, as part of 104th NAACP Annual Convention. This year’s convention, themed “We Shall Not Be Moved”, gathers over 5,000 people to explore and share models of advocacy for strengthening community.

The luncheon follows a tumultuous weekend wherein the acquittal of George Zimmerman sparked national rallies and conversations about the validity of the verdict.  Abrams—a native of the same Florida county as Trayvon Martin—will address the media’s role in portraying the Black community as unilaterally violent and dangerous, leading to the types of fatal racial profiling that likely played a part in both Trayvon’s murder and Zimmerman’s subsequent acquittal. The speech, entitled “It’s Time for a Reality Check” emphasizes the need for more balanced and diverse representations of Black women—and of communities of color in general—in the media, particularly in popular, heavily inflammatory reality television shows. Truth in Reality, Abrams’ grassroots initiative, focuses on changing the cultural perception of Black women as violent and dysfunctional by encouraging more responsible practices in television and by increasing media literacy in all consumers.

The NAACP Convention is regarded as the event of the year for those interested in advancing civil and human rights. Through the Convention, the NAACP leads a national dialogue on civil rights advocacy through workshops, symposiums, training and related activities. Truth in Reality is extremely proud to be involved with both the event and the NAACP’s work at large. The speech will be available to watch live on

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About Truth in Reality

The mission of Truth in Reality is to change the way Black women and violence are portrayed on reality television. Our goal is to challenge the negative values these shows promote and change the standards of broadcast practices for the unscripted television genre. Through digital activism, public awareness campaigns and educational programs we aim to change society’s acceptance of violence and ultimately reduce its incidence in the Black community.

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