Reality Television + Responsible Fatherhood: Can They Co-Exist?


Fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do... -John Mayer

From Leave it to BeaverThe Brady Bunch, and The Cosby Show, the TV dad is one of the most enduring caricatures in the American imagination. The TV dad evokes the ideal of everything a dad should be. What it means to be a dad on television typically involves notions of sense and sensibility. Provision, be it in the form of guidance, or financial resources. Who didn't want Cliff Huxtable for a dad and who was equally thrilled Al Bundy was not? Cantankerous as he was, Archie Bunker was a working stiff, who provided a decent home for his family in Queens, NY. The Brady Compound was designed and built by its patriarch, Mike. The most beloved dads in media are leaders first. Stand up guys with an accepted responsibility to the total care and well-being of their wife and kids, even if it kills them, i.e. JR Ewing. Continue Reading....

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