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How I Am #RedefiningHERstory

Truth In Reality not only wants to change the existing media narrative of women of color, especially on reality television. We also want to serve as a source of inspiration for others by highlighting women who are redefining their story by living their life in a way that is opposite of the stereotypes in the media.

Are you a woman who is in the process of reinventing yourself and your personal HERstory in a creative way? Do you actively challenge the status quo of how women of color are portrayed in the media simply because of who you are or what you do?

Do you create original content that expresses your need to see more diverse media representation of women of color? Are you working to change our culture's acceptance of the exploitation of and violence against women of color? Are you a survivor who wants to share your journey about transcending the violence you have experienced?

Whatever your story, we want to hear it, because your story needs to be heard!

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1. Please answer all questions.
2. Stories should be no more than 800 words.
3. We will only edit for grammatical and spelling errors.
4. Every week, we will choose one submission to spotlight on our website and social media. Please be aware that it is not possible for us to spotlight all stories.
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