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I am no longer willing to stay silent about the violent, racist depictions of women of color in the media, especially on reality television, and how this negative media messaging is normalizing sexual violence, bullying, domestic violence, and promoting rape culture and victim blaming. 

For this reason, I pledge my support for Truth in Reality’s Redefining HERstory Movement and will use my voice to encourage others to learn how the violent portrayals of women of color on reality television is impacting our global community.

By becoming a member of the Redefining HERstory Movement, I agree to the following:

- I pledge to use my voice to educate others in my community about the effects of viewing violent programming.

- I pledge to stop supporting shows that promote violent images of women of color.

- I pledge to watch, promote, and support positive programming.

- I pledge to stop being a part of conversations that promote violent shows (both online & in person).

- I pledge to support brands and companies that create, develop, or support positive programs.

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