Thank you for supporting the Redefining HERstory documentary crowd funding campaign ( ain’t over yet!)

Good morning! Truth In Reality closed out it's ONLINE campaign of our Redefining HERstory documentary crowd funding with 234 donations totalling $32,570 - 65% of our total goal of $50K for the project. The great news about Crowdrise is that your fundraising page stays open for as long as you want. So what does that mean? Well for one, you can still make a donation by using our link!

Now, we can all do the math and realize that in spite of our phenomenal raise, we’re still $17,430 short of our total. To that end, Truth In Reality will be hosted by two different organizations for two live events during April so we can reach our $50,000 goal. Yep, the fundraising ain't over! Essentially, everyone who invested in the Redefining HERstory film has given us a running start to make the big leap & finish strong(er)! You'll be receiving invites to dynamic events that will spread the mission of the film & help us close that funding gap.


To Truth In Reality’s Board Members, National Advisory Council, and our volunteers - you are the absolute best group that a Founder can hope for! Without you, Truth In Reality wouldn't exist! Thank you to every single donor and person who shared our Redefining HERstory campaign. You have no idea how immensely grateful I am to you. Dorinda Walker of Prudential, Tiffany Smith-Anoi’a of CBS Entertainment Diversity, Madeleine & Thomas Burrell, and Michelle Gadsden-Williams of Ceiling Breakers who hosted those breathtaking events for Truth In Reality - I am deeply humbled and appreciative of your belief, investment & support of Truth In Reality & me.

I would be remiss to also not thank not to thank Kierna MayoMarcie L. Thomas of the Brown Girl CollectiveSekou Writes of Simply Rides, Michelle Tr, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Larventta Loftin of L3Eventeurs, and Sundial Brands for their wonderful support. You're a blessing! I'm also SO thankful for the support of all the news sites, radio shows (Roland S. Martin & Karen Hunter), editors and writers that ran or reposted articles on Truth In Reality’s #RedefiningHERstory documentary Crowdrise campaign. You rock!!

We (I) learned a lot during the 7 weeks of the online portion of the crowd funding campaign that we’ll take with us as we move forward. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over! Watch this space!


With much gratitude,

Sil Lai

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