Truth in Reality Founder Sil Lai Abrams appears on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin - 1/20/15


Sil Lai Abrams, a domestic violence activist and founder of Truth in Reality joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the impact reality TV is having on how women of color are being treated and the movement to change how women of color are being represented in the media.

Abrams told Martin that Black women have jumped on the the genre of reality TV without even knowing what we are supporting. A strong proponent against reality television that undermines the perception of African American women, Abrams said: “It is amazing that the boycott (against VH1’s Sorority Sisters”) happened. It shows what we can do as a people when we are unified and take a stand.”

She added that we need to move beyond “Sorority Sisters” and take this collective power and use it shut down any type of media that denigrates and exploits women of color.”

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