February 27, 2013

(NEW YORK, NY)-TRUTH IN REALITY, a grassroots media advocacy organization whose mission is to combat the harmful effects of negative reality television shows in our communities, launched a regional advertising campaign earlier this month.

The campaign, overseen by Anne Judge, Principal of THE JUDGE GROUP, comprised of thought provoking digital billboards in 30 prime Los Angeles Metro locations that ran through February. 

Judge previously devised the national strategy for Rock the Vote's 2012 digital advertising campaign, believed to have been the movement with the largest number of digital out of home media assets simulated in history. With Truth in Reality's campaign, The Judge Group again utilizes digital media platforms focused on increasing awareness and action in a computerized age.  

"Watching reality TV can feel like a 'guilty pleasure' but if you consciously think about the impact of some of the content and how flaunted behaviors can perpetuate negative stereotypes in select segments of society, you begin to appreciate the value and mission of Truth in Reality to shine the light and spark some meaningful dialogue on the subject," said Judge.

Truth in Reality, founded by anti-domestic violence advocate SIL LAI ABRAMS, launched the billboard campaign in conjunction with the organization's RESPONSIBLE REALITY TV MOVEMENT, which targets both reality television viewers and cable networks in its efforts to change the harmful ways interpersonal violence and Black women are portrayed on reality television. Specifically, Truth in Reality asks viewers to participate in the FOUR C'S OF RESPONSIBLE REALITY TV by using their Media Advocacy Toolkit. Cable networks are being asked to implement their "Principles of Responsible Reality TV" to their broadcast standards and practices.

Principles of Responsible Reality

▪  Acts of bullying and domestic violence will not be televised. Violence may be intimated but not aired.

▪  Reality show cast members agree to sign a pledge committing to not engage in acts of physical violence while filming. Any participant who violates this pledge will be immediately fired from the show and subject to potential criminal and/or civil penalties.

▪  Reality production teams will no longer hire official security detail in order to protect reality cast members during filming, as presence of on-set security teams implies the expectation of physical violence between cast members.

Tom Burrell, Founder of Burrell Communications and Advertising Hall of Fame Inductee, praised both Truth in Reality and its' Founder Sil Lai Abrams. "Since leaving the advertising industry and writing the book Brainwashed: Challenging The Myth of Black Inferiority, I've dedicated myself to understanding the ways that media messages impact how African Americans think, feel and act. Part of that work involves aligning myself with like minded people dedicated to media literacy and the African American community," wrote Burrell. "With her work in analyzing reality shows, and her activism around domestic violence, Sil Lai Abrams has proven herself as a valuable force to changing the perceptions and realities of African American women. I'm proud to know her and the Truth in Reality organization."

For additional information on Truth in Reality or to download their Media Advocacy Toolkit, please visit WWW.TRUTHINREALITY.ORG.

About Truth in Reality

The mission of Truth in Reality is to change the way Black women and interpersonal violence are portrayed on reality television. Our goal is to challenge the negative values these shows promote and change the standards of broadcast practices for the unscripted television genre. Through digital activism, public awareness campaigns and educational programs we aim to change society's acceptance of interpersonal violence and ultimately reduce its incidence in the Black community.

About The Judge Group

The Judge Group was founded by Anne Judge in 2011, after years of leading media strategy and managing integrative media plans at several global media agencies. Judge has a history of brining winning media solutions by understanding how best to answer client's objectives with strategy that works and influences how consumers engage with brands. The group offers an array of strategic media planning and buying services, specializing in out of home, shopper marketing, social media and mobile integration across platforms. For more information about The Judge Group, visit WWW.THEJUDGEGROUP.NET

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Shiran LugashiMedia ContactTruth in Reality(347)903-5490SHIRAN@TRUTHINREALITY.ORG

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