UN Women Enlists Truth In Reality in its Global Effort to End Violence Against Women


Truth In Reality’s Media Advocacy Toolkit has been included by UN Women as a featured global media literacy education resource on their Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women and Girls website.  Added in February during National Teen Dating Violence and Awareness Month, the Toolkit focuses on the ways domestic violence, bullying, and sexual violence are portrayed in the media, and provides guidance to media consumers on how they can critically analyze violent media messaging and become individual change agents to shift the overall media representation of women of color.

As a global organization, UN Women, through its Ending Violence against Women division, has a unique vantage point to bring together the expertise and understanding of effective awareness, intervention, and prevention methodologies, and provide resources to media outlets on how they report violence against women. The organization recognizes the importance of navigating the issue in the media responsibly, and encourages coverage in a sensitive and thoughtful manner that neither sensationalizes nor minimizes the violent acts.  

Dina Deligiorgis, Knowledge Management Specialist for UN Women’s Ending Violence against Women says, “I am inspired by Ms. Abrams’ achievements and drive, and committed to helping Truth In Reality fully realize its mission to educate the public on the intersectionality of media violence and gender-based violence.”

The Truth In Reality Media Advocacy Toolkit was designed by Truth In Reality in conjunction with developmental psychologist Dr. Scyatta Wallace of Janisaw. The Toolkit was created to build public awareness about the influences of the predominately negative media messaging of women of color, the pervasive violent stereotypes of women of color on reality television, and create greater awareness of how these media messages are normalizing a culture of violence against Black women.  A complimentary copy of the Toolkit may be downloaded from the UN Women website or from the Truth in Reality website.

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